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  • What is an Certified OBM?
    An OBM is virtual based support professional who takes over day to day responsibilities of Project management, Team management and Operations management, freeing up the business owners time so they can focus on scaling their business.
  • Do OBMs specialize in a specific market or have a niche?
    Being an OBM in itself is a specialization of all aspects of Business Operations. And yes, some OBMs prefer to niche down on a certain industry or like to focus on one part of management such as Metrics management or Team management.
  • What is the difference between an OBM and a VA?
    In a nutshell VAs are "doers" and OBMs are "managers of doers". A VA is task-oriented and takes on assigned specific projects to help clients accomplish defined results, whereas an OBM collaborates with their clients to design custom-built strategies and then oversees the project from start to end.
  • What services do you offer?
    I specialize in Teams Management which includes helping you with your team budget, figuring out how many members you need to hire, Onboarding and much more. I also offer Hiring help such as creating a job posting to interviewing and helping with hiring decision.
  • How are your services different?
    I have a unique approach to Team Management. I take a heart-centered, empathic, non-judgmental, and intuitive approach to helping people understand their needs, and the types of support they need to fully flourish and thrive. I encourage creativity and create a sense of being heard in team members and help them walk away feeling efficient, organized and more aligned.
  • How do you offer your services?
    I love this question! My offers are all customizable and based on the individuals business needs. This always gets me excited because no two businesses are alike and every business brings its unique requirements and specific needs to be worked on.
  • Do you offer hourly rates or package rates?
    Great question. I have several options to choose from. I have a fixed rate for my breakthrough package (VIP day includes 3hr discovery call and I send you a comprehensive report the following day). I offer retainer packages tailored to your business needs and they vary in rates with minimum of 20hrs/month. I also offer individual packages such as Hiring or writing an SOP, these also have individual rates depending on the requirements.
  • What are your hours of work?
    My favorite question so far. I start my workday at 10:00a.m EST and end my day at 5:00p.m EST Monday to Friday. Any inquiries received after 5 will be answered the next day unless it is a business emergency.
  • What is the best way to get in touch with you?
    For initial inquiries I prefer email. And for my clients, I use Slack, Zoom and occasional in emergencies a quick telephone call.
  • What is your onboarding process?
    This is an important question. Please read carefully. I am very transparent about my contracts. I will send you a contract with all the tweaked requirements for you to go through, approve and sign using docu-sign. My minimum time for a contract is 2 months and maximum of 4 months with minimum of 20hr/month. After 4 months we can renew the same contract or make changes as per new requirements. For a smaller project I also offer monthly retainer contract with 20hrs minimum hours.
  • What if I choose to discontinue using your services?
    I understand that things change and a lot happens in a short time. I make it very simple for my clients. All I need is a weeks notice before the contract ends as this gives me enough time to compile a final report to send to you. You can email me at letting me know of the changes.
  • How do you invoice?
    All my invoices are prepaid and paid through Stripe or E-transfer. I will invoice you 3 days prior to first of the month and the payment is due no later than the 5th of the month.
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